Since we custom-cut our gutters on-site to fit the length of your home or business, the only joints there are, are where the gutters turn a corner, or where a downspout is installed. This improves the uniform appearance and safeguards against leaks and needs for repair. We use aluminum coils for your gutters and the finish is warranted not to blister, flake, chip, crack or peel. Seamless gutters offer greater aesthetic appeal over traditional gutters, increasing curb appeal, and the value of your property.

Seamless gutters offer greater aesthetic appeal over traditional gutters, increasing curb appeal, and the value of your property.


Aluminum gutters are a great product! They don’t rust, are available in popular colors, can be painted to match other colors, and can be shaped quite easily. Our seamless gutters are installed with hidden hangers, which are fastened with screws that are less likely to come loose and don’t require a hole in the face of the gutter system.


Copper and zinc gutters are often referred to as “exotic” metals, and, while a little bit more expensive than aluminum gutters, will give your property undisputed bragging rights. These gutters are a gorgeous metal that patinas to a rich green or brown and require a skilled gutter installer, like RainDrain’s team, to install them properly.

Other Services

Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams typically occur in the gutters or the edge of the roof, where snow that has been melted by heat loss, sun, or some other external cause re-freezes. This cycle can continue until the layers of ice build up and form a dam.

If you see icicles hanging from your gutters it means that they are full of ice. The weight of the ice and icicles can cause the gutters to pull away from the fascia or worse yet, get behind the gutters and fascia and end up leaking into the interior of your home.

Our trained, experienced technicians can remove your ice dam today, before it causes water damage or creates a dangerous slip hazard.


Most commonly found under the eaves on the exterior of a building, soffits enclose the space beneath the eave, protecting birds, squirrels, bees, hornets, and wasps from gaining access to the interior of your domain.

Soffits are more vulnerable to weather damage than any other part of your property if repeatedly soaked by water from torn shingles, damaged or rusted flashing, ice dams, or poorly functioning gutters. Not only can our team repair and replace damaged/rotted soffits, but we can also offer solutions to elongating the life of your soffits.


Fascia installation is a vital aspect of proper gutter installation. The fascia is found underneath the roofline, just behind the gutters, and extends around the entire building. It is mounted on the exposed ends of rafters or the top of the exterior walls to create a layer between the edge of the roof and the outside. While wood is most commonly used for fascia material, plastic and aluminum are also used.

Fascia may require periodic repair or replacement if damaged by water and rot, although it is usually not necessary to replace the entire length of a board; rather a fresh segment can be cut and replaced as long as the seams of the boards meet on a rafter so they can be firmly nailed into place.